Apple Cider Crush

This fall we fell head over heels for hard cider.

It all started on a crisp day at Finnriver Farm and Cidery, located in the gorgeous Chimacum Valley. The Olympic Peninsula in November is all drama and blaze, each turn in the road more breathtaking than the last. We arrived at the farm bundled to the eyebrows, so were thrilled to be handed a warm mug of Spirited Apple Wine (fortified with oak aged brandy) and a handmade pretzel straight from the stone oven. Our lovely host Crystie, led us through the rest of the day's awesome tasting while we stayed toasty by the bonfire, enjoying the view out across the valley.

We went on to explore Alpenfire Organic Cider on their property tucked away on a pretty lane. First in our glasses was their Glow Rose' Cider , dry and aromatic with a soft sparkle. Glow takes it's rose quartz color and unique flavor from the pink flesh of an innocent little green apple called Hidden Rose. That small subterfuge plus the way this cider trips lightly across all the senses, equaled love at first sip.

Seriously obsessed and hopelessly infatuated, we ended our day at Eaglemount Wine and Cider. Wandering into their new rustic tasting room, we boldly asked the host, "Show us the cider that is your most truly appley". Without hestitation he poured us an amber glass of Eaglemount Homestead Cider Dry, made with the heirloom varietals from their 1883 orchard. This is a smooth and complex cider, so well made and straight up appley, that it's our new rugged and quietly handsome crush.

The year is still young, and there are so many ways to fall in love.

Olympic Peninsula Cideries and Wineries

This is Sweetpea.

Last October the Woodsman found a kindle of frozen kittens tucked in an abandoned fox hole. He was able to revive the littlest one by warming him all night and giving him liquid with an eye dropper.

He brought the kitten to the ranch so that we could share round the clock bottle feedings of warm goat's milk. We named the little guy Sweet Pea, because he only weighed four ounces. He got cold easily without his mom or siblings, so we took turns holding him close all day, tucked into a big down vest.

Sweet Pea gradually opened his eyes and started to climb and explore; investigate and play with the dogs. By this summer we expect him to be roaming the ranch, chasing anything that moves and ready to roar!


P.S. Kitty lovers can see Sweet Pea in action here!